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Mexico Bank Trust Specialist

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Mexico Bank Trust Specialist

Retire, live and buy a property in Mexico with the assurance that your estate is safe with North America Trust Bank


A bank trust is used to acquire property here in Mexico only on land that is within


By this means, the parties are associated for the real estate development of housing, commercial, industrial,  etc.


To guarantee the fulfillment of its patrimonial or business objectives with good bases: the solidity and experience


The lowest bank fees in the market:- Fiduciary formalized before Notary Public and registered in public records as


The liquidator provides liquid assets to an account opened in the name of the trust, with the purpose


Its primary purpose is the investment of resources. You can manage your resources as you currently do, but


The objective of this trust is to guarantee to the trustee (creditor) the fulfillment of an obligation


This type of trust NATB manages various assets and rights regularly  from any  of  the 3 levels


Absolute privacy, discretion and transparency in the management of your assets.


Our Trusted Services encompass. Bank Trust, Escrow, Insurance, Title Insurance, Legal, Property Management , Payment of Services, Real Estate.


Lowest fideicomiso fees in Mexico, we take care of you personally in English INCLUDING HAVING access to your account and Trust information. the bank statements and investments of your Trust (certain restrictions apply). We serve you when you need it.


Contract under which the trustor transfers to a trust institution the ownership or title of one or more assets or rights, as the case may be, to be used for lawful and determined purposes, entrusting the accomplishment of said purposes to the fiduciary institution itself . The definition of Trust includes 4 relevant elements: a) It is a contract, the Trust is a contract; b) There is a transfer of ownership, the property is transferred legally to the Trustee, change of owner; c) The assets are destined to Lawful Purposes and certain agreed in Trust and d) The Trustee is the Institution that acquires and administers the assets in Trust.
The main parties that usually intervene in a Trust are 3: Trustee, Trustee and Trustee, as we mentioned, some Trusts may be involved in some Trusts, such as Trustees A, Trustees B, Trustees C, etc. Trustee in First Place, Trustees in Second
The Settlor is the Person, entity or entity that constitutes a Trust, providing and / or transmitting to the Trust certain goods or rights to be destined to the accomplishment of a licit and determinate purpose and entrusts such realization to an Institution empowered to act as
It is the physical or moral person designated by the Settlor to receive the benefit derived from a Trust Agreement.

Owning Property in Mexico Ley de Fideicomiso



The support and expertise of specialists who, with more than half a century of accumulated experience, at all times monitor strict compliance with what is stipulated in the trust


The assets of the trust can not be affected by third parties. In addition, indications can be agreed that avoid the appearance to Judicial Courts. Involvement in NATB as an impartial third party provides legal certainty to the parties.

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