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North America Trust Bank SAPI A DE CV, SOFOM ENR

About us?

We are experts in trusts

We are a Fiduciary Institution registered before the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF); constituted by persons with long experience in the provision of Fiduciary and Financial Services, interested in providing Fiduciary Services that meet the requirements of legal and information security and even systems, as if it were multiple banking, but with less cost and of form more efficient, making it the best option within the Trust market to support your credit, business or personal operations.

Why North America Trust Bank Mexico services?

Trusts, foundations and other wealth structures can help you manage complex family wealth. They can help protect your family business and allow your wealth to be managed privately and independently. They can also provide continuity, preserving capital and helping family members enjoy financial benefits across generations.

Our trusts and other solutions are designed to suit your particular needs and ambitions, giving you a global solution for managing your wealth.

Choosing a trustee

Determining who will administer your structure is as important as your succession plan and the decision to create the structure itself. Trustees ultimately accept personal responsibility and legal liability for the financial welfare of the trust fund, so selecting a responsible trustee to protect, manage and distribute the assets in your trust is a key decision that will have lasting implications.

It’s essential to have a trustee with professional legal knowledge and financial expertise, as a trust may involve generations of work, detailed record-keeping, and coordination with lawyers, accountants, and other advisers. Trusts and other structures may also involve complex management, in addition to challenging financial and investment decisions.

Basics of a trust

A trust is a private arrangement whereby you, as the settlor, transfer the legal ownership of your assets (which then become the trust assets) to the trustee, who manages and holds the assets for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The beneficiaries may include you and your family.

Our team includes Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Developers, Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers and Trust Attorneys, whose skills and experience add value to the service we provide. With these capabilities, we can help you develop and implement solutions that comply fully with all legal and regulatory requirements.